Symbolization of the logo

The whole logo has no sharp corners or round shapes, which creates a positive, friendly impression and symbolizes growth in the range of knowledge. 

As for the colors, it has used cheerful and solid colors, including blue, a symbol of eternal existence, loyalty, and trust, and preserves its hidden magic that impacts upright for the intellectual mind. The warm yellow color is called a color of knowledge, and it contains value, happiness, and joy.

Contextually, the shield turns into a page of a book located in the center of the logo expresses the meaning of sharing the strength and desire reaching the peak of broad infinity by the power of knowledge. Furthermore, it symbolizes a strong blessing that the gained knowledge protects the bearer like a shield throughout life. 

It preserves the shape of the old logo, and the letter "Ш" on the page represents the word "Shine ( in English, NEW)" as a growth chart. Thus, it means promoting further development and the integrity of a past, present, and future timeline. 

The root and sigma symbols used in mathematical science have composed and indicated the word "Ue ( in English, GENERATION)." Our ancestors used to determine directions by the polar star. Thus, it symbolizes stability to guide everything.

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