There are several types of scholarship programs. For example: 

  1. Academic scholarship: Scholarships for high-achieving students who are active leaders in community activities
  2. Average student scholarship: A scholarship awarded to students who are socially active, talented in arts and sports, successful in social activities, or involved in a variety of community service activities, even if their GPA is not good.
  3. Athletic scholarship: A student who is interested in this scholarship must be highly skilled in sports and good at academic studies. You need to show your skills starting in high school. Playing for the school team or the national team is a huge advantage.
  4. Scholarship for minorities: Scholarships for students from minority groups, ethnic groups, or those seeking a rare or important major, funded by the government.
  5. Scholarship for women: These scholarships were created to provide opportunities for women to study, as men have long had the privilege of studying in many parts of the world. In addition to providing financial support, the scholarship provides an opportunity for women to gain a status in business and politics.
  6. Creative scholarship: A scholarship awarded to a gifted student who has specialized in one field since childhood.

The best-known scholarship for parents and students at our school is the Scholarship. The scholarship is derived from the word scholar. In that sense, it is financial support for student development and learning. The above terms generally refer to scholarships. Students planning to receive scholarships should start preparing at least 12-24 months in advance, during which time they should gather information about scholarships, make a plan, select the scholarship program they want to participate in, work with their school counselor, prepare a plan, and need to improve their language skills.

In the past, many students from our school have successfully participated in scholarship programs at prestigious foreign and domestic universities. These include: 


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