Our teachers regularly participate in national competitions for educators and national public speaking competitions successfully. In addition to improving the quality of the curriculum, the teachers support the development of students' learning skills. Therefore, numerous students have won gold, silver, and bronze medals from several Olympiads. 

We are pleased to have such skillful educators who have already been recognized for their achievements: class 4a, the whole class, along with the homeroom teacher, Munkhzul I., have won the 1st prize of "Write in Traditional Script of Mongolia" organized by the Mongolian language teachers' union of Ulaanbaatar city. 

The math teachers' team consists of experienced teachers, including Chimed Ts., Namjilsuren Ts., Dulamsuren T., and Bayarmaa T., who are the champions of Math Olympiad, "Chansaa-2015", organized among the Sukhbaatar district teachers.

We are proud of Chimed Ts., the Gold Medalist of the primary school category at the Mathematical Olympiad named after Ulzii N. 

The Department of Primary Education has 27 teachers with one curriculum manager and numerous teachers who were conferred state titles, orders, and medals. 

  • Order of Red Banner of Labor Merit – 1 
  • Declaration of "Polar Star" – 2 
  • Distinguished Employee in the Education Department – 13
  • Outstanding Employee in the Education Department  – 1
  • Leading teacher – 12
  • Methodist teacher – 8



Narmandakh Ts., a recipient of the Medal of Labor and a distinguished employee in the Mongolian education sector, won one gold, two silver, and two bronze medals at the Mathematical Olympiad of Ulaanbaatar city and is known as a national teacher trainer. 

Battulga T., a distinguished employee in the Mongolian education sector, participated four times in the Mathematics National Olympiad, preparing students for the National Entrance Exam with excellent scores. 

Batbileg S. was awarded as the best manager of Zavkhan province in 2016. Batbayar G. has won two Mathematics championships of the region, and is the silver medalist of the Math Teachers Olympiad. 

We also have promising young colleagues - Urangoo Ts., Tuvshinjargal G., Shiirevjamts G., and Delger S.

Munkhtulga B. organized the Mathematics Team Olympiad for primary school students for the first time in Mongolia. 

The Department has nine Mathematics teachers and two Information Technology teachers who are the recipients of Leading Methodist Group of the 2017-2018 academic year in the Sukhbaatar district.



The Department consists of experienced and skillful teachers. Purevsuren E., Head of the Department, and English teachers, including Munkhbayar B., Botaguz U., Bulgan G., Saruul N., and Dashjav Z., are the foremost teachers. They have participated in English Language Olympiads and public speaking competitions held throughout the state, region, and district. In addition, Khandjav T., an English teacher, is highly recognized for the achievements mentioned below. 

  • The 2nd place at the National Competition of Pedagogical Presentation;
  • The 1st, 5th, and 6th places at English Teachers' Olympiad of the Region;
  • Double champion at English Teachers' Olympiad in the Sukhbaatar district;
  • The 1st place at the Teaching Skills Competition of Young Teachers in the Sukhbaatar district;
  • The Leading Researcher-Teacher award;
  • The most creative-teacher award and so on. 

English teacher Munkhbayar B. has won 3rd place at the English teachers' Olympiad organized by Hobby school. Saruul N. has won 3rd and 4th place at the English Teachers' Olympiad for the Sukhbaatar district, and 3rd place at the English Teachers' Olympiad of the region.

Furthermore, we have enthusiastic and dynamic teachers with many years of experience and qualification, recognized by their creative works such as activity books and professional course books. In addition, they have organized professional development training for local English teachers from other schools. English teachers at Shine Ue School have been sharing their knowledge and practices, counseling, and assisting other teachers to improve their teaching skills and methods.

Moreover, they support and assist students in achieving high scores on the National Entrance Exam to become qualified professionals in Mongolia. In addition, teachers allow students to participate in English Language Olympiads organized in the district, region, and state. 

The English language department has 20 teachers in total, 16 of them are Mongolian, and 4 are native English speakers. In addition, we have two TESOL certified teachers and five teachers with Master's degrees in Pedagogy. Furthermore, we have one Qualified Educator of the region, one Qualified Educator of the nation, and one Consultant Teacher. 



We have champion teachers of professional competitions in the Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We are pleased to introduce our colleagues with their excellent achievements.  

Erdenebaatat Kh., a music teacher, is the Champion of the Professional Competition of the region and nation. 

Ariungerel Sh., a social studies teacher, won several prizes in the Professional Competitions, such as taking 2nd place in the Sukhbaatar district, 2nd place in the Pedagogical speech contest of the Sukhbaatar district, and a special prize of the capital. 

Nemekhbayar E., a history teacher, won 3rd place at the History Teachers' Olympiad and the special prize of the capital.  

The Department of social studies has the following educators: 

  • Social studies: Ariungerel Sh., Head of the Department 
  • History: Nemekhbayar E.
  • Mongolian Language and Literature: Purevdorj J., Baigalmaa O., Otgondorj S., Gunjidmaa Sh., Enkhtsetseg E., and Zolzaya B.
  • Music: Erdenebaatar Kh., Uugantsetseg J., and Darisuren B.



We don't have solely leading and skillful teachers who have practiced in the professional field, but athletic teachers who won several championships in basketball, volleyball, and other sports competitions of the district, region, and nation. 

Team of P.E teachers, including Purevtsogt D., Khatanzorigt B., Batkhuu T., has five champions in volleyball. 

Purevdorj P., a physics teacher, won 1st place at the Physics Teachers' Olympiad of the Sukhbaatar district, 3rd place at the National Physics Olympiad, Tuvshinzaya M., a chemistry teacher, has been awarded 1st place in the public speaking competition in the district, capital, and nation. In addition, she took 2nd place at the Chemistry Teachers' Olympiad of the Sukhbaatar district and successfully participated in the national Olympiads.  

Students of Orgil U., a biology teacher, won gold medals in Biology Olympiad in the team category. 

We have sufficient experience in preparation for the National Entrance Exam, and students' scores are higher than average. 

The Department of Science has the following 11 teachers: 

  • Physics teachers: Purevdorj P., Lhagvasuren P., Uuganbayar D.
  • Geography teacher: Purevragchaa B.
  • Biology teacher: Orgil U.
  • Chemistry teachers: Tuvshinzaya M., Bayarsaikhan N., Munkhtuul E.
  • Physical education teachers: Purevtsogt D., qualified national Master of Skiing; Khatanzorigt D., internationally capable Athlete of Handball and athletics; Batkhuu T. and Gan-Erdene.Ts are the qualified national Masters of Volleyball; 
  • Arts teacher: Navagchambuu Ts.


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